Schwarzkopf Professional’s® Shared Passion

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Schwarzkopf Professional’s® Shared Passion

We are all one.  Bound together by our love of hair. We are fueled by the same fire and devotion to our craft. Our collective ambition to exceed drives our spirit and so we create. We REfine what’s been broken and REbuild. We REcolor what’s lost vibrancy and REstyle what’s lost its edge.  REthinking, REworking, REnewing. We are always REinventing hair.

In 2019 join us for our colorful and cutting edge educational experiences, designed to engage and share our Schwarzkopf Professional culture with our stylist fans through a non-conventional and interactive approach to learning and discovery of our passion for hair!

Our guests will be inspired and motivated by art, culture and fashion.  Explore REinventing and REigniting your passion for hair with Schwarzkopf Professional!

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