The Brains Behind IGORA® ColorWorx® INTENSE

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The Brains Behind IGORA® ColorWorx® INTENSE

Marc Stucky, head of research and development at Schwarzkopf Professional®, talks to us about the testing behind our IGORA ColorWorx INTENSE direct dyes and what makes them so amazing!

This Indiana native has a background in Chemistry and Physics, and started his career off at Roche Pharmaceuticals where he worked in manufacturing and R&D. Now he’s involved in managing the product development process here at Schwarzkopf Professional, along with the testing that goes into our products to ensure their quality and efficacy.

One such testing that was recently headed by Marc is the IGORA ColorWorx INTENSE fade study, which focuses on the longevity of these direct dyes. Our most vibrant and intense direct-dyes come in 4 shades: Fuschia, Mauve, Turquoise and Coral that last up to 40 shampoos and fade true to tone!

How is testing conducted?

Testing was done by taking swatches of human virgin hair level 8 and pre-lightening them to a level 10. Then the various IGORA ColorWorx INTENSE shades were applied directly to the swatches and allowed 20 minutes to process. Afterwards, the swatches were rinsed and blow-dried in which the initial measurements were taken and saved as standards so that comparisons could be made throughout the study. 

The colored hair tresses were washed and blow-dried a total of 50 times and compared to the standard samples throughout the process. When we test, we do our best to go beyond what a consumer will actually do by simulating the worst-case scenario i.e. really scrubbing the hair and applying intense heat to ensure the product’s durability. 

Check out the amazing results below! Washed hair tresses are on the left side and the standard ones are on the right. 

Wash 5:

Wash 10:

Wash 20:

Wash 30:

Wash 40:

Wash 50: