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120 Years of REinventing Hair

Throughout 2018, Schwarzkopf Professional will celebrate 120 years of REinventing Hair! Expect to see a year of inspiration as one of the world’s leaders in professional haircare pushes creative boundaries and REflects on the profound reputation of pioneering hairdressing!

History and Innovation 

Starting as a family business in 1898, chemist Hans Schwarzkopf launched his beauty care brand in Berlin – his first drugstore was called The Dye, Drug and Perfumery Store. Just 5 years later, Hans Schwarzkopf created his first product - Hair Wash Powder “Schaumpon”. The innovation came after a woman came into his drugstore asking for something to clean her hair – Hans couldn’t find anything – so he decided to make his own. The Schwarzkopf Powder Shampoo was so popular that within a couple of years it was selling in drugstores all over Berlin as one of the first branded products in the beauty market; Schwarzkopf quickly grew into an international brand.

During this same year Hans Schwarzkopf, also created Schwarzkopf Professional’s ‘cameo’ logo. After several years growing the brand, a life-long relationship with hairdressers was born as Schwarzkopf launched the professional side of the business, alongside the first of many institutes for education. 

With innovation deeply rooted its DNA, Schwarzkopf Professional has continued to REinvent hair over the past 120 years. Keeping the customer at the center of its business model, Schwarzkopf Professional innovates, inspires, educates, connects and supports the hairdresser, adding real value to their salon business. From cutting-edge products, such as BC BONACURE, IGORA, OSiS+ and its breakthrough Integrated Bonding Technology, to biannual ESSENTIAL LOOKS trend collections, tailored salon support programs and progressive hairdresser training from ASK Education, Schwarzkopf Professional is continuously REinventing hair in partnership with the hairdresser.

Packed with new surprises, 2018 is a year of innovation.  In January, we re-launched IGORA VARIO introducing Integrated Fibre Bond Technology. In February, we followed up with our first ever neutralizing wash, GOODBYE YELLOW.  In March, we paired world-renowned colorists and industry influencers, who took over the IGORA ROYAL lab, to create our first-ever co-created shade collections, IGORA #RoyalTakeOver.  It doesn't stop there, visit www.schwarzkopf-professional.ca for more on our latest innovations.  

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