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Introducing IGORA® #RoyalTakeOver

What happens when six of the most iconic colorists take over the Schwarzkopf Professional labs? They create amazing new color shades! Get ready for a truly inspiring color experience and become a part of IGORA #RoyalTakeOver.

In 2017, the Schwarzkopf Professional TrendLab was launched, an exciting venture that firmly places the brand in the digital era as they respond to viral trends in real time.  Fast-forward to today – for the first time ever at Schwarzkopf Professional – leading color brand, IGORA ROYAL, has opened its color labs to three of the most inspiring global digital hairdresser influencers and three of the world’s leading colorists, as they team-up to co-create brand new color shades.

The visionary inspiration of this unique artistic collective will materialize in three unique IGORA ROYAL color collections, reflecting each team’s personality and creativity:

The first of these trends is the Dusted Rouge collection, inspired by Lesley Jennison and Jean Philippe Santos. This collection is made up of 6 unpolished shades, from barely-there red hues to deep shaded vintage tones. 

To explore the full Team Dusted Rouge collection and gain access to behind-the-scenes inspiration, tutorial videos and interviews with the colorists, visit IGORA #RoyalTakeOver